Women Above 40 - Energize, Transform & Harmonize Your Life

A Transformational Well-being Program Helping Busy Women Searching for Balance in the Midst of the Chaos of Life. Build Energy, Resilience, Confidence & Courage, and Create Healthy, Sustainable Habits That Stick and Grow.

Who Am I?

Three years ago I got very ill, physically & mentally. I wasn’t sleeping well at all. I was moody, short tempered and trying to juggle everything that life was throwing at me, and hold down a demanding corporate job. I think moving house, planning my wedding, changing jobs and becoming a step-parent was a step too far all at the same time was a step too far. I wasn’t able to cope at work as well as I’d used to and where I could normally juggle multiple things I found myself getting nervous and anxious, then I started to doubt myself and I lost my confidence.

I just didn’t recognise myself anymore and kept questioning what I have become? I was hanging in there. I’d work longer and harder to keep up with the job I’d previously nailed and one day it all became too much. My mind and body gave up. I couldn’t leave the house because of how bad my mental health had become and I was exhausted.

This was my turning point.

I started to look at my lifestyle, I looked at every aspect of my life and made changes. Three months later I went back to work right in the middle of a major restructure. You’d think the timing couldn’t be any worse but I breezed through it. How did I do it? I had therapy and I hired a coach. I was in such great shape mentally and physically that I got a promotion in that restructure. Then I pivoted in my career, left my job of 17 years and retrained as a personal performance coach and a wellbeing coach.

I’m here to help you realise that success and stress don’t go hand in hand. That’s it’s perfectly possible to navigate life’s demands with ease, balance & control. Come, let’s together begin a journey of empowerment, transformation and harmonizing your life that you’ve always desired.

Lesley Tait has a

  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy, backed by the International Coaching Federation.
  • Lesley is also accredited to DISC Level 2 which is personality and behavioural analysis.
  • Lesley is a certified Emotional Wellbeing Coach graduating from the Harmonizing Coach Training Academy.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Helping women 40 and above struggling with work-life balance, over-commitment at work and not prioritizing themselves. This leads to lack of confidence, clarity and exhaustion. They may also be struggling with body image issues and stress related to relationships. This results in loss of self esteem, increased anxiety and lack of harmony within themselves. They are not in sync with the passion and purpose of their life and feel frustrated, de-motivated and lack the clarity to live the life they have dreamt of.

By working with Lesley, you will enter a process of evaluating your current lifestyle, your current choices and over-looked priorities. By creating regular healthy habits, you will be able to reduce stress, anxiety, exhaustion and correct any body image issues you might be facing. By regaining the lost confidence and clarity you will be on a more assured path in your professional and personal life. By having an accountability partner, you will achieve an harmonious, purposeful and fulfilling existence that you have always desired.


Who It Is Not For?

  • Women who are not serious about transformation in their life.
  • Women who are not interested in addressing the different chaos in their life.
  • Women who are looking at a quick fix to all their issues and don’t want to address the root of their problems.
  • Women who have all the control and clarity in their life
  • Women who are in a comfort zone with the stagnation of their lives and don’t want to challenge themselves.
  • Women who can’t be honest with themselves.
Module One

Lifestyle Evaluation


  • Get specific on exactly where the pain points are in your life
  • Find the root causes for your overwhelm
  • What’s sucking your time?
  • You gain the advantage here and take back control
  • Find trends in your energy, confidence, mood & cycle
  • Discover how these are linked and how to practically
  • Use this information intelligently to power your energy


Is life getting on top of you? Are you shouldering so many responsibilities you don’t know which way to turn? Are you lacking enthusiasm and motivation? Would you like to learn what tools will help you relax, gain clarity and find balance in your life? Begin a journey of self discovery which will lead to a huge sense of relief.
Module Two

Reconnect with You


  • Uncover when you felt liberated
  • Uncover when you felt happy & secure
  • Uncover when you felt comfortable in your own skin
  • Clarify what makes you happy
  • Clarify what motivates you
  • Promises of self commitment
  • Self forgiveness


When we’re children we’re highly tuned into what we need. When we’re tired we sleep, when we’re hungry we eat, when we need support we ask for it and we don’t question this. Have you forgotten who you are at your very core? What makes you happy & gives you joy? We take a long look back over the happy times in your life, beginning with your childhood to draw out the real essence of you, explore your dreams and find the clues to what once inspired you.

Module Three

The Crystal Cave


  • You connect with your true thoughts
  • Awaken your authentic needs and desires
  • Connect to your inner confidence
  • Develop a sense of self trust
  • Find your self compassion
  • Find your inner wisdom


Build yourself a nest, get warm & cosy and now close your eyes. You’re going on a wonderful journey of discovery.  Uncover your true thoughts, emotions and desires in a safe and supportive environment. Become connected with the authentic version of you and visualise the life you want to live. Feel the confidence and self trust grow as you go on this long, deep journey of self discovery and enlightenment.

Module Four

The Mirror


  • Breakdown limiting beliefs
  • Stop negative inner chat
  • see everything that is positive about you
  • You are clear about what’s great about you
  • You are clear about what’s stopping you from thriving
  • You radiate energy and positivity


What do you see when you look in the mirror, I mean really look?

The essence of your energy, confidence, courage and resilience is visible to you now. You have a clear picture of who you are and what you need to thrive. You’ve always known this but it’s been hidden beneath the busyness of life.

Now you’re ready to speak from your heart and tell your truth in one amazingly powerful letter to yourself.

I guarantee you will never have done anything as empowering as this before.

Module Five

Fixing Your Energy Leakages


  • Take back control of your time
  • Remove overwhelm
  • Find your energy drains
  • Create balance in your physical and emotional energy
  • Balance home, work & you
  • Clarity into the quality of your relationships
  • Clarity on your home environment
  • You power up and life becomes easy again


If ever there was a time to cultivate a healthy self esteem, healthy relationships and strong personal boundaries it’s now. Enough with the drains of your energy, the toxic people and enough with relinquishing your personal power. In this exercise you’ll discover what’s draining your energy and the boundaries you need to thrive. Time to start thinking about your ideal world and identify the changes that are needed to live there. These are non-negotiables for taking back control and moving forward with your ideal life.
Module Six

Powerless No More


  • Clarity on your personal strengths
  • Clarity on your positive qualities
  • Improved resilience
  • Greater self belief
  • Restored confidence
  • Transform from stagnation to growth


Tell me about your strengths. That one gets us every time! But, imagine you remember the challenges you’ve overcome and how you overcame them. Through this exercise you’ll fuse together the strengths you gained from life’s experiences and pull them all into a snapshot of personal qualities that you can use to transform your life. Out of every situation we can grow and learn, sometimes we just need a little bit of help with some gentle coaching.
Module Seven

Energise & Rise


  • You understand the importance of giving and receiving
  • Letting go of control
  • Remove misalignment
  • Create space for more joy & peace
  • Create space for tranquility in your
  • You’re relieved of your overwhelm
  • You’re feeling invigorated
  • You have found your personal power


Most people don’t give a second thought to how much energy they give versus the energy they receive but it’s important. Why? Because you can’t just keep on giving, eventually the tank will empty, there’ll be nothing left and you’ll grind to a halt. Ideally we have a balance of both and that’s what keeps us on an even keel, life flows with ease and we allow happiness and clarity back in.
Module Eight

Your Self Care Planner


  • The three wheels of wellness
  • Effortless daily self care plan for staying organized, keeping calm, relaxed and sleeping well
  • Routine for gratitude journaling, mindfulness
  • A fitness, wellbeing routine and a healthy nutrition plan
    Identify a nourishing home environment
  • Identify your emergency quick fix re-balance for when those curveballs of life come at you


“I don’t have time for self-care” I hear this one on a regular basis! BUT, when you really look close at what’s sapping your time you’ll be amazed. Let me tell you this. If you have time for Netflix and you have time for social media you have time for self care. Sounds harsh? I’m sorry but you need to hear this, and best I rip the plaster off quickly than peel slowly and prolong the pain. Time management is key here so time to get honest. I’ve got you though and I promise you, there’s no judgment here.
Module Nine

Dreams Become Reality


  • Define your goals and intentions for life
  • Weave these into your daily routine and allow happiness to take the place of sadness and frustration
  • A new lifestyle plan in complete contrast to the stagnation that you had become accustomed to
  • A new vision of your life
  • A new mission or purpose of your life
  • Turn your dreams into reality through a focused and customized time line


What is it you really need right now, what is your body crying out for? At this point in your evolving journey you’ve really got to know yourself pretty well so this will be a breeze. This is the perfect penultimate process for bringing to life your ideal world and setting future goals. Come prepared with scissors, glue and a very big piece of paper.
Module Ten

Beginnings Blossom


  • You set intentions for change and create your new lifestyle plan
  • Set a timeline for your complimentary 8 week check in


Discomfort means growth but you’re past all of that now. What you have now is a renewed sense of self-awareness, the mindset and tools you need to fly and you’re walking on air.

A culmination of the last 10 weeks now comes to a crescendo of enlightenment when you see your lifestyle planner come to life. You have a renewed sense of confidence and can see clearly how every aspect of your life can thrive in harmony. And to top it all off you have a deep, deep sense of self love.

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