7 Steps to Happy Hormones

A gentle 7 stage emotional wellbeing program for conquering the emotional and psychological effects of menopause for the overwhelmed corporate woman: regain confidence, energy and vitality to live a harmonious balanced life while reaching your true potential.

Who Am I?

I began to notice menopausal symptoms when I was 46 but in hindsight they began a lot earlier than this. As well as the physical symptoms there was the emotional and mental aspect. I started taking HRT but I still wasn’t sleeping. I was moody, short tempered and angry. I wasn’t able to cope at work as well as I used to and where I could normally juggle multiple things I found myself getting nervous and anxious. Then I started to doubt myself and I lost my confidence. I just didn’t recognise myself anymore and kept questioning what I have become. I was coping but only just and I’d work longer to keep up with the job I’d previously nailed. I couldn’t grasp things as well as I used to and one day it all became too much. I had a complete breakdown, I couldn’t leave the house because of how bad my mental health had become.

I had started to use alcohol as a means of blocking it all out and then one day I woke up with one hangover too many which was the turning point. I had to do something to get my life back on track.

I started to look at my lifestyle. I looked at every aspect of my life and made changes, 3 months later I went back to work. I got a promotion and I had the best year out of the 17 years I had been there. I had therapy, I hired a fitness coach and I did a fitness photo shoot for my 50th birthday and I took bold steps to completely change my career.

Menopause can stop us in our tracks, derail our lives and it doesn’t need to. I want women to see that this is manageable, it’s the beginning of a new chapter not the end. I want to help women flourish in spite of menopause and live the lives they dreamed of.

Lesley Tait has a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy which is backed by the International Coaching Federation. Lesley is also accredited to DISC Level 2 which is personality and behavioural analysis. Lesley is a certified Emotional Wellbeing Coach graduating from the Harmonizing Coach Training Academy.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Helping corporate women between 40-50 struggling with menopause symptoms resulting in loss of confidence, self esteem issues & performance issues, because of which life & career goals are getting derailed.

By working with Lesley they will evaluate their lifestyle, connect with their true self & put the mindset & lifestyle changes into place so that they regain control of their performance & their health, go beyond the symptoms and begin to live a stress-free life filled with wellbeing.

Module One

Simple Steps to Feeling Happy Again


Are your mood swings irrational? Are they driving a wedge between you and the people close to you? Do you feel anxious at work when you used to cope so well? Does the slightest thing ignite your temper? Are you overly emotional and crying at the drop of a hat? Would you like to learn what tools will help you relax, live in harmony with your body and gain clarity on what’s really going on in your life. Begin a journey of self discovery which will lead to a sense of relief.


  • Establish what the real issues are in your menopause transition, what’s holding you back from a happy home life and performing at work. You gain the advantage here and begin to take back control.
  • Find trends in your energy, confidence, mood & cycle. Discover how these are linked and how to practically use this data enabling you to improve your performance.
  • Gratitude/journaling tutorial to improve positivity and reduce anxiety & stress.
  • You will use affirmation & relaxation audios to improve mindset and confidence and to help you relax.
Module Two

Regain Your Identity, Rebuild Confidence & Participate in Life


When we’re children we’re highly tuned into what we need. When we’re tired we sleep, when we’re hungry we eat, when we need support we ask for it and we don’t question this. Have you forgotten who you are at your very core? What makes you happy & gives you joy? We take a long look back over the happy times in your life, beginning with your childhood to draw out the real essence of you, explore your dreams and find the clues to what once inspired you.

Now build yourself a nest, get warm & cosy and now close your eyes. You’re going on a wonderful journey of discovery. Uncover your true thoughts, emotions and desires in a safe and supportive environment. Become connected with the authentic version of you and visualise the life you want to live. Feel the confidence and self trust grow as you go on this long, deep journey of self discovery and enlightenment.


  • Step out of the whirlwind of emotions, reconnect with your ‘Why’ both at home and at work. You gain clarity over frustration and overwhelm.
  • Reclaim your identity, the fundamentals of who you were before menopause overwhelmed you and you lost sight of yourself.
  • Rebuild confidence so you are authentically visible at work without feeling fear or uncertainty.
  • Stop beating yourself up and believe that you’re doing a great job so you can show up at work with confidence.
Module Three

Correct Your Image & Show Up Strong


What do you see when you look in the mirror, I mean really look? What do you say to yourself when you look in the mirror? We’re all guilty of noticing the negatives, we all have limiting beliefs and we all can have a downer on ourselves now and again. What would it feel like to look in the mirror and see all of your potential and all of your positives? You’ll build a picture of your mind’s story, reverse the negatives and paint a new picture of just how great you really are.


Breakdown limiting beliefs and negative inner chat so that you see everything that is positive about you. You radiate energy and positivity over lethargy and hopelessness.

Module Four

Fixing Your Energy Leakages


If ever there was a time to cultivate a healthy self esteem, healthy relationships and strong personal boundaries it’s now. Enough with the drains of your energy, the toxic people and enough with relinquishing your personal power. In this exercise you’ll discover what’s draining your energy and the boundaries you need to thrive. Time to start thinking about your ideal world and identify the changes that are needed to live there. These are non-negotiables for taking back control and moving forward with your ideal life.


  • Simple steps to take back control so that you need not worry about being overwhelmed again.
  • Create balance in your physical and emotional energy so there is time for work, home and for you. We’ll use some simple sketching to gain insight into the quality of your relationships and the impact of your personal environment. You power up and life becomes easy again.
  • Set new personal boundaries so that you can protect your new energy through your own personal physical and emotional energy assessment.
Module Five

Powerless No More


Tell me about your strengths. That one gets us every time! But, imagine you remember the challenges you’ve overcome and how you overcame them. Through this exercise you’ll fuse together the strengths you gained from life’s experiences and pull them all into a snapshot of personal qualities that you can use to transform your life. Out of every situation we can grow and learn, sometimes we just need a little bit of help with some gentle coaching.


Learn the two pronged approach to improving resilience, building self-belief and restoring confidence so you can get back on track with your career.

Module Six

Implementation 1 – Self Care for Work-Life Balance


Most people don’t give a second thought to how much energy they give versus the energy they receive but it’s important. Why? Because you can’t just keep on giving, eventually the tank will empty, there’ll be nothing left and you’ll grind to a halt. Ideally we have a balance of both and that’s what keeps us on an even keel, life flows with ease and we allow happiness and clarity back in. Here we’re going to look at the art of self care and how you can energise to get the most out of every day.


  • Drop the masculine mask and become strong, organised and powerful in your authentic feminine energy to prevent anxiety showing up. Two easy steps to releasing anxiety and stress.
  • An effortless daily self care plan for keeping calm, relaxed and sleeping well, in order to avoid brain fog and keep you powered up through the three wheels of wellness.
  • Identify your emergency quick fix re-balance for when those hot flushes kick in through some simple coaching techniques.
Module Seven

Implementation 2 – Dreams Become Reality


What is it you really need right now, what is your body crying out for? At this point in your evolving journey you’ve really got to know yourself pretty well so this will be a breeze. This is the perfect penultimate process for bringing to life your ideal world and setting future goals. Come prepared with scissors, glue and a very big piece of paper.

A culmination of the last 9 weeks now comes to a crescendo of enlightenment when you see your lifestyle planner come to life. Now you know yourself on a level that you never expected, you’re stronger than you ever knew you could be, you have a renewed sense of confidence and can see clearly how your corporate world and home life can thrive in harmony. And to top it all off you have a deep, deep sense of self love.


  • Define your goals and intentions for life, weave these into your daily routine and allow happiness to take the place of sadness and frustration.
  • A new lifestyle plan in complete contrast to the stagnation that you had become accustomed to. A healthy menopause as opposed to holding you back.

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