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How to Get 4-5 Coaching Clients Per Month, Work Less Than 10 Hours Per Week, and Finally Make the Transition to Full-time Coach

without getting bogged down in tech headaches or over-complicated marketing systems

Lesley Tait
Best Selling Author and Celebrity Coach

What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:

✓ The 5 proven pillars you’ll need to build and launch a coaching business which quickly replaces the income you have from corporate job

✓ Why 1-on-1 coaching is OBSOLETE…and how to get better results for clients in less than half the time

✓ The secret to charging high ticket prices and having clients happily pay it (even if you’re nervous about increasing your fees or have only done ‘probono’ work so far)

✓ How to build a waiting list of people, who know you, like you and trust you enough to sign up with you at a price you want to be paid

✓ ​The ‘Coaching Workshop Blueprint’ – the 3 steps to creating a ‘rave-worthy’ online workshop, with an ongoing waiting list of people wanting to join

✓  How to do all of these without drowning in technology confusion, while maintaining the inspiration you had when you first started your coaching business